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Acquirer Issuer

National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) system is based on unique identification of the vehicle using passive RFID tags. The NETC System consists of various types of participants as Vehicle Owner, Toll Plaza Operator, Issuer, Acquirer, and NPCI. The main objective of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is to evolve the current NETC ecosystem into four party scalable models as Issuer, Acquirer, NPCI & Plaza Operator.

  Acquirer Special Features

The Acquirer Bank is a member of NPCI who acquires the Toll Plaza to facilitate the acceptance of NETC transaction for the payment through NETC Payment System. Acquirer Bank is responsible for:
  •   Integration of Toll Plaza ETC system with NETC System
  •   Transaction Data Exchange with NETC Mapper
  •   Transaction Payment Processing and Pay back to Toll Plaza Operator
  •   Management of Toll Plaza Business Rules
  •   Pass Management at Toll Plaza
  •   Resolutions of Disputes
  •   Help Desk for Toll Plaza Operators

  Issuer Special Features

The Issuer Bank is a member of the NPCI and issues the NETC Tag to the vehicle owner for the payment through NETC System. Issuer Bank is responsible for:
  •   NETC Tag Procurement
  •   Tag Distribution
  •   Tag Inventory
  •   Data Feed to NETC Mapper
  •   Online Transaction Request Processing from NETC
  •   Help Desk & Online Services for Tag Holders
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