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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-Toll Plaza Management Activities

ERP as it indicates is the Enterprise wide Resource Planning. KENT ITS honestly boasts to have developed and delivered the first “Toll ERP” for the Indian market. For any big IT Infrastructure Company which is running number of toll plazas across the country; it becomes mission critical to handle Human Resources, Inventory, Accounts and Audit. The KENT-ITS Web ERP system handles efficiently all the tasks seamlessly.

KENT ERP is business management software that allows the concessionaire to use a system of integrated applications to manage the toll operation. Based on a strong and robust Central Database design and a strong nodal application; handling even 40 to 50 toll plazas across the country becomes very easy. Most importantly the processes are systems driven and not human resource dependent.

The ERP comprehensively addresses the following functionalities

Inventory Management


Accounts Management

Human Resource Management

Toll Plaza

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